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My beautiful mother

I have always been passionate about repurposing. A few years ago when I was primarily working with necktie designs, a co-worker reached out an asked me if I could somehow incorporate her deceased husband's wedding band into a necktie necklace for her to wear on a regular basis. She was overwhelmed and grateful that I was able to create something so special and personal for her to wear on an everyday basis. 

Last year I met a woman who lost her mom. She sent me a pair of her mom's jeans. From that single pair of jeans I designed her a purse, coaster and keychains for members of her family. Another woman lost her son to gun violence. She asked me to design her a purse and jewelry from her son's jeans. 

Keepsake items can be turned into so much more than a pillow or a picture in a frame. Imagine taking an article of clothing that once belonged to your mom, and having it turned into a table runner or a placemat set that can be used at all of the holiday gatherings. Or taking some of the neckties that your dad used to wear and adding them to a denim jacket to give it some stylish flair. 

Before I start designing I take the item to be repurposed in my hands and I say a prayer over it.  I then ask God to lead me and guide my hands to create the right keepsakes. From there I just go in the direction he leads me. 

Memories never die. They last forever. Let me help you bring your memories to life.


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